BOOM – Being a Bunny


Cadbury’s Creme Eggs are one of my very favorite things.

Growing up in the U.K. we would wait with great anticipation for them to hit the shelves in the weeks before Easter.

The eggs were launched in 1963 in the UK so we were among the first kids in the world to eat them. We’d do all sorts of things with them like sucking the yolk out with a straw and later freezing them so the chocolate cracked like an egg shell.

Such a lot of fun from such a little thing!

Today they are available all year long but the Easter fun continues.

Currently there is a great TV spot running here in the USA and perhaps all over the world called Bunny Tryouts. It makes me smile every single time I see it and the tag line is so clever.

So today I caved in and decided our dear Dibley should enter the competition. He is such a beautiful boy I’m sure he is going to win and with his little fat tummy he looks more like a bunny everyday.


My Mother would often say it takes little to amuse the innocent! Well innocent I am not but I do know for sure that you are Nobunny till Somebunny Loves You 

Blessing #262 – Timeless Treats

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  1. Thought for the day:
    “We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count.” Neal A. Maxwell

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