BOOM – Body Building

This weekend sees the annual ARNOLD Sports and Fitness festival here in Columbus.

This event has been building strength over the past thirty years and Arnold himself always makes an appearance.

People from all over the world take part. This year up to 20000 participants and 200000 spectators are expected.

On occasion I’ve been traveling around this time and it is really something to see all these super fit people in the airport and to fly with them. They literally are solid muscle.

That’s about as close as we’ve come to the event until this year.

As you can imagine all the hotels in the region are booked out and Aaron is anticipating a busy weekend of work and maybe a little overtime. Glad he’s on the housekeeping and not on the breakfast shift or we’d need to be up at three in the morning to get the eggs and pancakes ready for these hunks.

Strong is certainly an understatement to describe the participants. Strong in mind and strong in body! Not something that would naturally come to mind when for myself.

So it was with great surprise, on arrival in China in 2001, after my physical to show I was fit to work, that I was told I was REALLY VERY STRONG.

I walked around for the next half hour with my head held a little higher than usual. Strong! I’m strong! I was so chuffed until someone was kind enough to tell me that STRONG is the Chinese way to say YOU ARE FAT!

Blessing # 263 – Getting Stronger

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