BOOM – Barking Bedfellow


Dibley has been sleeping in our bed for years. It’s so long now that it is difficult to remember why we allowed this.

A vague recollection says it started during a bad thunderstorm that makes Dibs very shaky. Anyway it was snuggly and it was my doing and now is something that has to be addressed.

Over the past couple of years Dibs has been rattling the bedroom door to get out in the middle of the night. He will go for a tinkle and then wants water. He insists Krishna takes him as he’ll allow him to drink water and I won’t. We know now that this is likely linked to his Cushing’s syndrome.

Well it has been getting worse and worse to the point where he has us awake four time a night. It’s like being on baby patrol and it is exhausting.

Once we get up in the morning Dibs heads off immediately to his crate in our kitchen where he proceeds to slumber till noon sneaking out occasionally if he smells toast or something frying.

So the furry one gets his sleep albeit disrupted and not at night but all we elderly humans get is grumpy.

Yesterday, after many outings the night before, the riot act was read and it was decided it is time we returned our Dibs to his crate to sleep at night.

So after the boys finished watching their wrestling at 10:30 they put Dibs to bed. It’s seems he barked a bit but I’d already been in the land of Nod for a good while by then and didn’t hear this.

At about midnight something woke me up! All was silent until Krishna let out one of his big coughs and then the barking started. It went on for a while and the temptation was there to go and let him out but I resisted and it stopped.

For literally hours after I couldn’t stop worrying. What if the silence means he’s died! Finally at five o’clock with no rest to be had I got up scared to look.

He was snoring! When his water bowl was filled he dragged himself out, guzzled down a long draft, took a tinkle and went back to his crate for more sleep.


When Aaron came down this morning he said he too didn’t sleep well because of concern for the furball.

So what to do tonight? Try again with the new arrangement and worry all night long or cave in and do the door duty?

Blessing # 275 – Afternoon Naps

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