BOOM – Beauty Boost

The furball slept like a log all night without a cheep. He was as frisky as can be this morning and even wanted to play ball. Poor soul probably needed a good sleep.

His humum had another really bad nights sleep though worrying about him. So after a trip to the dentist a detour was made to the hairdressers.

Nothing does you more good when you are feeling weary than a wee bit of pampering.

The therapy was great. Got a lovely touch up with professional color on the home coloring job I’d done six weeks back. As Mother would say you didn’t need it you deserved it!

Had a good cut too and discovered a new hair care brand called TIGI smells divine and as Pooh himself knows

“A wonderful thing is a TIGI a Tigis a wonderful thing”

Reminds me too to book the furball in for his spring spa treatment at Four Paws

Blessing # 276 – Good Groomers

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