BOOM – Bindi


This morning my friend Sue posted a picture on Facebook.

Sue is in India right now taking a yoga course and had had a bindi placed at breakfast time and was saying how good that felt.

This little mark or dot on the forehead is very usual in Indian culture. Some will wear one on special occasions like festivals or weddings others everyday.

They are mostly, but not exclusively seen on women. In the past in China too these little dots were often placed on the heads of babies.

They have traditionally a very definite spiritual connotation linked to the creation of the universe, energy and wisdom. Many still think of the bindi in that context although they also have taken on a more decorative role.

This got me wondering how many of our current practices like polishing nails, or wearing mascara or rouge might also have origins in ancient traditions.

When Aaron was playing football that the coach would also put a little strip of black across the lads faces to give them an extra edge on the field. War paint of a sort!

Today in our hectic world these daily rituals of dabbing on some lipstick or perfume or aftershave means nothing much  more than giving yourself a little lift.

Imagine though if we did as Sue did this morning and took just a few moments to reflect on the gesture and how special it is.

Imagine when you put that lipstick on if you said to yourself I’ll say something kind to someone today or I won’t shout at anyone.

Imagine with that splash of aftershave or spray of perfume if we just stopped for one second and thought how we might make life for someone just a little bit sweeter

Blessing #277 – Crossing Cultures

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