BOOM – Beefy

Today the shopping for the fundraiser went into full swing.

There had been a bit of scouting done before on where the best deals were to be had for the stew ingredients.

Bouillon had to be the best and that is definitely Maggi so got that from the company store at super duper discount.

Aldi won out on the veggies. The checkout clerk looked startled by the volumes of potatoes, onions and carrots that were in the caddy.

She was so good though and said to leave it in there. All that was needed was to give her the number of bags of each item and she rang them up. Lovely gesture of trust!

The beef was always going to be the biggest chunk of change and here is where divine providence intervened. Giant Eagle had a buy one get one free offer on chuck roast! This is good quality stuff for stew and  it got even better.

The lovely butcher and his assistant jumped in to help. They offered to take my order, give me the BOGOF price and best of all cut all of it up for me into nice stew size pieces. They will have it all ready for me tomorrow at midday. What great service!

Now all we need to do is chop and cook. There will be a few tears on Sunday. Let’s hope it’s only down to onions.

Blessing #278 – Helpful Hands




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