BOOM – Boomboomgirls

When the beautiful Miss Missi started our Zumba class it was only on Saturday morning. Now her faithful followers are Zumbaing our way to happiness four times a week.

The group is diverse, made up of young marrieds, young Mums, young grandmas, young retirees. All young at heart of course!

We often for unexplained reasons and without planning show up in coordinated colors. This morning is was pinks and grey! It’s sorta like we’re  psychic!

In the class each person has their favorite spot mine being at the back beside the door so no one can see me! We all get in so well. I often think Maeve Binchey could write a great book about us!

We cover songs and Zumba moves that are current but sometimes this takes a few of us back a bit. We’re kick boxing to Lady Marmalade at the moment. That’s the version by Christina Aguilera not the disco epic of Labelle!

The funniest of all is our ballet to Seven Bells by Arianne Grande inspired by The Sound if Musics Favorite Things.

Let’s leave it like this our Arianne ain’t no Maria!

Blessing # 279 – Daily Dancing

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