BOOM – Billions


Saint Patrick was by all accounts a well educated young man from a rich family when he was kidnapped and taken to Ireland as a slave.

When he escaped some years later he went back to his home in Britain.

Memories  of Ireland stayed with him though and he returned there voluntarily giving up all he had for the love of people who once held him captive.

What an influence Patrick had on the world. He literally touched the lives of billions.

Indian industrialists have long given back to their country and their people. The philanthropy of the great Tata and the Birla families goes back over one hundred years.

Just this week it was announced that one of India’s  most successful modern entrepreneurs Azim Premji the founder of Wipro IT Group will be giving even more than he has already to fund education. This brings his overall donations to a staggering 21 Billion Dollars!

It’s easy to think that if we had as much as Azim or Ratan or Warren or Bill and Melissa or Mark and Priscilla we’d do the same.

Would we though?

The BIG givers rank right up there in my books with Patrick!

Blessing # 280 – Transformers

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