BOOM – Booked


Our credit card with CHASE allows us to book travel at a really good redemption rate provided we book well in advance.

Last Saturday we started to think of summer and what we might do. We really want to see our family and friends in the UK but also go places we haven’t been.

So we thought we’d do a tour of the British Isles. Dad and Dibs are staying home so it will be another Mom and Son adventure.

The rates looked really good out of Chicago less than half the points needed compared to going from Columbus. It will mean a six hour drive but we’d need to fly to Chicago anyway to connect to an International flight so in the end with all the hanging around between flights we might even gain some time.

Today, as Aaron is taking some summer classes to prepare for college credits he was checking his schedule at school. When he sent the dates it was a green light to get the tickets.

That’s when some panic set in. Points for the itineraries we had looked at at the weekend had gone up steeply from 32000 to 48000 in just a few days. 

Finally after a good hour jiggling dates and airports the ideal combination was found. In to London and out of Dublin all for 34000 on UNITED so we get our frequent flyer points too.

Now I need wine!

Blessing # 282 – Just in Time

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