BOOM – Bold as Brass


This morning just as the sun was rising three young bucks where having their breakfast in our back yard.

They were munching away and only for a second lifted their heads to have their photo taken.


That fresh new spring grass must taste heavenly after the dry diet of winter.

These same lads will soon be at the front door chomping down on the sedum. It’s their favorite. They’ll let it grow to a certain height and then gobble it up in a single midnight feast.


Right now the sedum is just popping out of the ground so it’s safe for a while but footsteps show the lads have been round sniffing!

Along with courting geese strutting their stuff, cardinals going crazy and flying inside the porch in search of partners it’s a sign that the day has finally come to officially say winter is over!

Blessing #283 – Spring Has Sprung

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