BOOM – Bookclub


Are you part of a book club? Many people are these days. It’s eye opening getting different peoples perspectives on the same story. Can be quite surprising what someone sees that you have completely ignored.

Our Lily Circle meets every month and each season we read a book of short stories or a novel. We take it in turn to lead the discussion and today it’s my turn.

The current book, unlike any other we have done together, has brought universal agreement on one point. Not one person likes it!

So it was quite a challenge to pull out some positives in the chapters for tonight. The old saying Give a Dog a Bad Name really rings true.

The whole book seems so fake and contrived but is seemingly based on true stories. Everyone is so goody goody. No one swears or shouts or goes ballistic. Who lives like this?

In the end there were a few redeeming features in the chapters for tonight but there is no doubt our conversation is likely to focus not on these but on the sickly sweetness of the stories.

Just strikes home the points that you find diamonds in the rough and you gotta take some rough with the smooth to appreciate them.

Blessing # 284 – Digging for Bold

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