BOOM – Bamboo


This morning on the news there was a really unusual request from the Memphis Zoo.

They are looking for Bamboo! Their Giant Pandas need to put on a little weight and need a bit of variety to tempt them to eat more.

These BIG BEARS are really special critters. Their digestive system like all Bears is designed for a meat based diet yet they live almost exclusively on Bamboo. Why on earth did they choose this food?

How do they get the vitamins and amino acids they need to sustain growth and maintain their bodies? Now and then they will munch a little mouse or two but that won’t do it.  They don’t have a rumen so they must have evolved some really unique micro flora in their intestines to produce these essential nutrients for them. Maybe worth taking a look at to see if there is anything useful little bug living in there to help manage  metabolic disorders or even malabsorption in the elderly.

Pandas need to eat about 25 kilos (55 lbs) of Bamboo every single day to get the energy they need to survive yet they grow to be quite a size so they must manage.

Just imagine if that was us eating celery. We’d be spending every waking hour crunching. That might be what it’s all about these critters just love to eat.

They must have very sensitive taste buds too because they can distinguish between different types of Bamboo. So just as variety in our diets tempts us to eat more so too will a variety of Bamboo enhance the intake of these lovelies.

Imagine what would happen if someone hit on a really delicious variety the world might soon be overrun by cuddles.

Blessing #285 – Chewing Things Over

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