BOOM -Bet on the Balls


My Dad did the National Lottery every Saturday. His numbers were always the same. Multiples of seven up to 42.

He won now and then but never anything bigger than twenty or thirty pounds. We’d need a statistician to tell us if his odds were any different than a random draw or those of us who use birthdays and anniversaries to pick numbers. My hunch is it wouldn’t make a bit of difference as the chance of winning is so infinitesimally small.

The lottery is something we hardly ever do here in the USA but when we are in the UK we will test our luck now and then.

One memorable win we once had was in London. We were in a line about a mile long waiting to get tickets to see Phantom of The Opéra and right beside the theatre  was a little newsagents with a lottery sign prominently displayed. It was calling out to us for so long we had to buy a ticket.


When the draw was made that night we won seventy pounds. This covered our theater tickets and a few pints to boot! It was some time ago!!!!!!

This week we are going for gold here in the USA too.

The poweball jackpot has gone so high that it is featured in the news headlines. Who know why but when it’s close to the billion mark the jackpot calls out our name!

Chance of a win is lower than all three of us staring on the West End and Broadway simultaneously but we are confident we’ll be singing!

Blessing # 286 – Anticipation

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