BOOM – Blazing Bright


One advantage of the clocks springing forward is that sunset comes later and the days seem so much longer.

My Dad used to look forward to this so much. He’d sigh a big sigh of contentment and say “ah that’s the long nights in”.

When he came home from work and had his dinner he’d take me out each night as a child. Later when I had other people taking me out he’d sit in the back garden and just watch the world go by.

One thing I love about springing forward though is that, for a while at least, you get to see the sunrise.

Here in Ohio this seems more spectacular than anywhere else in the world. Maybe it’s because of our geographical position or that the air quality is good. Maybe it’s the climate or just because we are relatively flat.

This morning the sunrise was one of the very best. It looked like the heavens were on fire!

If the old saying is true that a red sky in the morning is a shepherds warning then we better look out!

It surely gives you a spring in your step though to see such beauty at the beginning of the day! Even if you didn’t win the lottery!

Blessing # 287 – Life’s Lights

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