BOOM – Beachfront


Spring break was coming and Krishna had some United air miles that we needed to use. What better thing to do than take a little trip.

Conditions we set were quite limiting. No more than a three hour flight, direct no stops from Columbus, sea and sun and most importantly somewhere we had not been before.

This narrowed the field and we ended up booking a Houston flight with a short drive to Galveston Island.

We booked an apart hotel on our favorite website They rarely disappoint but this one was an exceptionally good choice. When they say on the beach it was absolutely spot on.


We have just been here one day but cannot believe how beautiful Galveston is.

The beach goes on forever and is spotless. The historic district is so well maintained and so colorful, great choice of restaurants and the people are super friendly.


Best of all we have a great little apartment with a balcony overlooking the sea, a separate bedroom for Ma and Pa so they got to sleep in till 9:30 and no need to rush for breakfast as we have a cute little kitchen and all we need to make our own!

Blessing # 289 – A Surprisingly Good Choice

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