BOOM – Blooms by the Bayou


Yesterday we drove west all along the length of Galveston Island to Freeport. The Gulf of Mexico is on one side and the bayou on the other. Aaron said it was like being in the Great Gatsby and in many ways it was like Long Island.

We went in search of longhorns. We found a some fields of cattle but the horns weren’t long enough to make the grade for Aaron.


Brightly colored houses on stilts adorned the route with views to the beach or the bayou. Must be a delightful place to live except perhaps in hurricane season.

At the end of the island we came to Freeport with signs of the industry that surely funds the opulence of the coastal homes. Texas tea as they say is really brewing here and what would we all do without it?


The loveliest part of the drive was seeing all the wild flowers bloom. In parts there were carpets of color alongside the sea.

We have no clue what these flowers are but like the houses they are very bright. We have pick a few in hope of havesting seeds. Who knows maybe we’ll have a little bit of spring in summer back in Ohio!

Blessing #291 – Colorful Country



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