BOOM – Boating to Bolivar

Galveston is a large port where among other things the massive cruise liners dock.

We decided to do a little cruising too so we took the ferry from Galveston Island to the Bolivar peninsula.

The boat trip gave us great views and as with all things in this area the ferries were very colorful.

This journey took us well into the countryside where we saw lots of small oil wells and lots of cattle. The prairie skies were indeed big and bright Deep In The Heart of Texas!

Humming the theme tune of Dallas we expected to see a star shoot by at any minute. Miss Ellie, JR or Ray Krebs would not have been a bit out of place! All we saw though were two old cowboys hanging over a fence smoking cigars!

While no sightings of the Ewing’s were made we did have a few surprises


We encountered of all things buffalo and elk and a sweet little boy who’d escaped his fence!



Onwards then to T-Bone Toms to finish the day in Texas style and pack the bags for home!

Blessing # 292 – Big Country

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