BOOM – Baseball


If you were asked to choose one sport that spells USA what would it be? For me it has to be BASEBALL.

When Aaron was little we had his Mud Dogs and that was great fun. The coaches were such lovely men and their wives too. They dedicated so much time to the team and organized all the little snacks and parties for the boys. The games were quite long so we all got to know each other quite well. It was so very wholesome.


Yet in all the years we have lived here we’ve never been to a professional game. Each year when the season starts, which it did just yesterday, we say with conviction that “this year we are going

In Columbus we have a good team The Clippers and a fine stadium so it’s not like a game is not accessible. Yet we postpone.

One thing about keeping a blog is that it records commitments and plans as well what has happened so this year there is even more reason to make it happen.

We will wait though till the sun comes out!

Blessing # 299 – Bucket Lists

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