BOOM- Beaten


Have had to take two days to think this through before sharing. Was not convinced it was a blessing.

On Friday morning we got a message from the lovely town planner in Marion to say she had fixed for the State planner to come and meet us at the little would be B&B to assess what might be needed for our project.

Nearly fainted with excitement!

I’d talked so much about this idea that  my friend Dee Dee has even given me a book of recipes to get me ready!

Swinging into action with first things first, urgent messages  and texts were sent to the listing agent and our agent to make sure we could get into the property.

That’s when the punch in the stomach happened.

The listing agent sent a text to say the property was no longer available! After much toing and frowing we learned that an offer had been made and that a contract had been signed by the buyer. The owner had not yet agreed to the offer but this excluded further viewings at this time.

So while all is not lost it is no longer a project firmly in our grip. We had to cancel with the planning office who were very kind and understanding.

At lot of thinking of what might have been ensued including why the heck did I do so much shopping and what on earth am i going to do with all the chairs and glass and STUFF I’d bought.

Gotta get me a shop!

Blessing # 301 – Plans to Perfect

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