BOOM – Ballerina


According to a spot on TV yesterday morning there has been a breakthrough in the world of ballet.

Thanks to actions taken years ago, with the formation of schools such as The Dance Theatre of Harlem, and role models like Misty Copeland there are now many ballet dancers of color.


At last, because of a business demand, a company has started to make shoes of different color to match different skins.

Up until now all ballet shoes have been pink!

Ballet dancers have had to color their own shoes to match their skin tone. This was a real wake up call for me.

You would think that having been married to an Indian for 33 years and with a Chinese son this is something that should have occurred to me before now. 

It hadn’t.

What it underlined was just one more example of the things people of color have to deal with everyday that we whites never think about.

If you have other examples please share them. We need to know.

Blessing # 302 – Steps Forward

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