BOOM – Bread & Breath


It’s national stress awareness month. Had no clue this existed!

A few days ago though the popular life guru Deepak Chopra was on TV talking about the subject.

Stress  affects all of us to differing degrees unless you have mastered the art of relaxing like Deepak.

He claims that we achieve peace only when there is absence of thought.

Deepak is renowned for techniques to help us deal with stress and an important part of this is achieved through breathing.

Yoga draws heavily on this. Deepak is just launching a new campaign called Breath of Life that  gives tips on simple steps to quickly  mitigate stress any time any place.

Today a few friends and I were in Panera for lunch. The chain is known for its excellent Bread one of the great joys in life.

They are a major supporter of Autism Awareness Month which is also in April selling huge cookies called Pieces of Hope for the cause.

We can only imagine how very stressful communication must be at times for people on the autism spectrum.

Makes you wonder is it more than a coincidence that stress and autism awareness fall in the same month. Is there a link or common path for treatment?

Blessing # 303 – All Who Bring Bits To Solve The Same Puzzle

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