BOOM – Baby Bunnies


On Tuesday evening Aaron arrived home with a baby bunny in a cage.

He’d been at his girlfriends and along with her little sister they’d found a burrow with six little bunnies squeaking away like crazy  and no Mommy.

The one Aaron brought home had just one ear. He was worried about it and would have liked to keep it. The kids had already researched a little into what to feed it. Seems goat milk or cats mil substitute is best.

We then had a bit of a difference of opinion among the senior members of our household.

If he kept it in his room and fed it I was willing to accommodate One Ear. Dad was definitely opposed. He said the critter was better back in his burrow with his siblings. Dibley sniffed and left for another room!

So Aaron took him back and we agreed to seek advice from anyone knowledgeable on the bunny world as to what to do next.

Most people thought Dad was right and that the Mommy bunny might return.

Yesterday brought the good news that all six babes in the wood were still alive. They had even opened their eyes.


Aaron thinks One Ear recognizes him! Maybe he does as they had taken a car ride together.

It was so kind of these youngsters to be concerned for these little creatures. Let’s hope the bunnies progress continues. Maybe one day    One Ear will be the new Peter Rabbit!

Blessing # 305 – Kids Who Care

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