BOOM – Booths & Barns

A bit late on the banter today as I was scouting for stock. Not the chicken or beef variety!

Having accumulated all the glass and furniture for the guest house, that is now not to be, another path has opened up.

There is a lovely little antique mall in our town that rents booths to dealers.

Limited risk is associated with this as you commit only to six months rental. There is a waiting list for the booths but guess whose name is now on the list?

Nothing makes me happier than hunting for buried treasure at rummage and yard sales. Truth be told these are often little lost causes going for a song.

Yesterday we went to a big barn sale close to our home and I bought home a few items for « my shop ».  After a little research on eBay joy was abundant. A little Japanese plate that was purchase for a big 50 cents was on sale on eBay for $29.99!


So back to the barn today for more hunting. Missed a few little piece but found a few more. Best of all when I was paying for my wares I asked if they might have a sander.


Digging deep into the depths of the  barn guess what the owner found? You got it a perfect little piece of equipment to restore some treasures to their former glory.

Blessing # 306 – To Seek and Find

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