BOOM – Back Off


Growing up in Belfast during the sixties meant lots of treats at Easter.

We didn’t have the Easter Bunny tradition of today or Easter egg hunts. On occasions we’d color and roll a few boiled eggs down a hill but no one ever ate them. The real fun came well before the day itself.

Kids would be given huge chocolate eggs in boxes. Often these were surrounded by chocolates in a display and were stuffed with more of the same!

These were given by grandparents, aunties, uncles and family friends as well as Mum and Dad. You might well accumulate a dozen of these giant eggs if you were lucky.

It was absolutely forbidden to eat them before Easter Day. They were displayed in all their glory in the parlour, a room that was used only when the vicar came!

Every Mum and Dad in the land must have known that when they were out of earshot the kids were in the parlour.

As an only child my trip to this special room was shared with my best friend Carol. She would be on the look out for roving adults. As she is also an only child the favor was reciprocated at her home.

With haste and stealth the egg box would be opened and the egg carefully removed. The foil cover would be peeled from the back and the egg cracked. The internal contents were quickly removed and shoved into pockets before the egg was rebuilt to look as before.

A race outside into the street and a happy munching session would then take place.

The remaining shells and the display chocolates would of course have to stick around till Easter when they’d be scoffed in a marathon eating session.

Can’t imagine how a child who didn’t take advanced training felt when they tucked into their stock. They’d have had the worst tummy pain. Something I always avoided

Blessing # 313 – Building Stamina


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