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Each day brings new surprises in the story of what survived the fire at Notre Dame. The windows, the cross, the crown all seem like miracles but the most amazing is that the bees made it through.

Close to 200000 bees have been living in three hives on the cathedral roof for the past few years. Their mission is to promote biodiversity in the great city of Paris.

This news brought many tongue in cheek comments on social media. The one that made me chuckle most read « expected BUZZFEED to cover this »

We all know the saying where there is life there is hope. What better sign of the promise ahead than these little critters who do such good for nature.

Pollinators and producers they bring both beauty and sweetness to our lives.

They survived because their little bodies are used to smoke and can resist it quite well. To calm down when a stress like smoke is around they just stay home and eat honey.

It will give them renewed strength to keep up their good work on building diversity of all kinds. Such wisdom you lovelies!

Blessing # 314 – Sweet Surprises

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