BOOM – Blind to Blue


When Aaron got his new contact lenses in early January we were given one of those mail in rebate coupons by the optician.

Such things raise my blood pressure to a dangerously high level because they are never simple.

First you must wait for the lenses to be delivered in order to prove purchase with the invoice number and then there is a whole rigmarole of applying on line and personalized codes and so on.

Well hats off to the provider this all went smoothly and by the end of January we had a confirmation email to say that Aaron would be given the rebate. This was followed a few days later by an online Visa card to be redeemed.

That thing has been hanging around in our email inbox ever since. Knowing that it must be activated by the end of the month or it will expire I finally got round to doing it this morning.


Well of course that’s when things disintegrated into deep frustration. Everything looked so simple. Just click on the BIG BLUE half a page box to access your card. Once you’ve done that and your in just one ore two more things to do the first being to enter your DIGITAL  TOKEN.

Easy I think and enter the ten digit personalized code for the rebate. Oops the site says this is not a digital token. Please enter your fourteen digit digital token.

What what what is this? Where where where do I find it? Pull out all the bills and invoices and email and search. No sign of a digital code! Panic!

By this time I’m red in the face and  yelling at poor Krishna that there is so much paper lying around our house that you never can find something when you need it. I’m also vowing that next time Aaron is doing this and NOT ME!

So when all else fails call the help desk and listen to music! Well maybe because it was early or maybe because the provider is well staffed I get through in under ten minutes.

The friendly young lady on the line asks for email, names and so on. She asks if I has lost the email they  sent. I say no I have it. Oh she says the digital token number is in the grey box at the bottom of the email.

6815D786-6708-4D3A-830A-E3E6AD25281ESimple when you know where to look but would you have found it? Once found it is easy as pie but why put this at the end of the mail rather than the start and why in small text in blue? Maybe people who wear contact lenses can find it old speckies like me well that’s another thing!

Blessing # 316 – Knowing for Next Time

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