BOOM – Barney


Over the past few days friends have posted some reminders of card and cartoon characters that we rarely see today


The first up was Old Maid! Don’t think anyone would dare launch that game today.

Next came Bill & Ben the Flowerpot Men and their trusty helper Little Weed. Can you imagine how that might be interpreted in our current cannabinol culture!


This got me thinking of the character I loved most. Scooby Doo was up there but he was pipped at the post by Barney Rubble.

In 1974 my Dad decided we needed a new car. We’d never had a brand new one and this was always his dream. So he sneaked off to a dealership one day and bought a little Fiat. Thinking he would give my Mum a nice surprise he bought one in her favorite color GREEN!


Our house was coming down with green! Wallpaper, carpet, bedding you name it it was green. Not to mention the fact that unless you protested gravely you would be dressed in green too. It was like living in Sherwood Forest.

Now unfortunately for poor Dad the green of his choice was not a green that Mother endorsed. She disliked the car from day one.

It kept breaking down as it had a faulty distributor cap and would conk out unexpectedly on a regular basis. My Mum said we were like the Flintstones and could peddle faster than this car.


This gave rise to her referring to my Dad as Barney! The name stuck and come to think of it Barney and my Dad did bear a little resemblance.

Blessing # 317 – Terms of Endearment

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