BOOM – Buffing

With sunny skies and a snazzy sander waiting to workout it was time to start a little project.

First up getting the sand paper at the local hardware store. This is a family store called Zettlers and its a joy to go there. It’s big enough to have all you need but not so big you get lost in it. Love it!


You are greeted on arrival with the question How Can We Help? Assisted to find exactly what you need you can be in and out in five minutes.

A sweet little shelf has been lying in the garage waiting to be loved since this time last year. It has seen better days and was picked up at a Church sale for $2.


It was crying out for a buff and a lick of paint and is destined for a life in retail. It will be a piece on which treasure will sit for sale once I get my little store front.

As paint goes it was hit and miss with left overs lying around from home decor projects. Maybe not ideal but shabby cheek doesn’t mind imperfection.


After sanding the little love already looked better and that’s where I should have stopped perhaps. Give it a varnish, show off the wood and call it a day.


Of course the painting continued and one mistake after another led to something indescribable. Lesson learned stop while the going is good.


As Carol would say “better not give up the day job just yet”

Blessing # 318 – Fun in the Sun

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