BOOM- Blushing


This morning was a panic. The gremlins were out in force.

Aaron has an exam at school and for who knows what reason our alarm went off a good twenty minutes later than normal.

After a rapid run around he was packed off only five minutes late.

Time to relax with a coffee and the TODAY program before getting ready for Zumba.

They kept promoting a slot with Jenna Bush and Jay Leno so I thought I’ll get my shower and be back to watch the slot just before heading out.

There are only two essential makeup items for me a lick of mascara and a good dose of blusher.

The mascara to make me look awake and the blush, essential for my psychological wellbeing, to balance out and detract from the redness of my nose!

In haste to see the TV slot I put on the mascara and dabbed on two generous red dots of blush telling myself I’d rub it in at a red light on the way to the gym.

Opening the garage door I see Adam the guy who cuts our grass and of course go over to speak to him. He gives me a strange look! Only at the traffic light, when I took a peak in the mirror did the penny drop why! The war paint was very obvious!


Reminded me of Bridget Jones and Noddy a childhood hero who hadn’t crossed my mind in years! Love characters who make you feel you’re not alone in this world! Wonder what Adam thought!

Blessing # 319 – Good Giggle



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