BOOM – Booties


This morning I read a very touching thank you message that TV star Hoda Kotb had sent to an eleven year old boy from Wisconsin.

This talented young man is called Jonah Larson and he is an expert crocheter. He has become an internet sensation and had made Hoda’s new baby Hope a beautiful pair of pink booties.


Jonah started to crochet when he was just five. He says it helps him stay calm.

Like Hoda’s little baby, Jonah was adopted so that’s why he wanted to make something special for Hope.

The funds he raises from selling his work go to help the children’s home in Africa where he came from.

For sure the little Booties he made will be treasured and loved and kept forever.


They reminded me of my first shoes that my Mom had kept. When I turned thirty she had them bronzed and gave them to me as a special gift. I love them not because they are my shoes but because my Mom thought to keep them.


So following her lead I kept the first little pair of sandales that we got Aaron. They are in great shape because he outgrew them in a matter of weeks. Maybe someday he too will get them back. Not just yet though he still got some growing to do!

Blessing # 321 – Baby’s Treasures

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