BOOM – Boats


We are studying a book about Saint Peter at our Tuesday Morning Group. He’s an interesting guy always willing to be the first to jump in. He’ll do things that the other disciples don’t and seems to be always the one to speak out first.

In today’s world we’d probably  classify Pete as a Type A personality. He certainly wasn’t a shrinking violet.

As a fisherman he was used to life on the water and to the occasional storm too. Today we talked of his courage to jump the boat and do the unimaginable, walk on water.

This gave rise to a lot of stories about boats and storms. I couldn’t  resist telling of an experience Krishna and I had many years ago.

We were living in Switzerland and had just bought an old house in Belfast to renovate. We decided to drive to Ireland and bring a car load full of things for the house.

Of course this meant a boat journey and since the car was so loaded we decided to minimize driving and take the long boat ride from Northern France to the South of Ireland rather than driving the whole length of the UK.


This journey normally takes about sixteen hours on the boat so we got a nice cabin and thought we’d treat it like a mini cruise.

Well this all was taking place in December and when we got to the port there was a short delay on boarding because the wind was picking up.

As soon as we got on we went to our cabin and then to the restaurant for dinner and all seemed fine. We had been up at six that morning and had driven all day so were glad to be nicely tucked into our little beds by about midnight.

It was a bit choppy but not too bad and then in the middle of the night around three or four o’clock there was a merciful crack.

Everything was flying around the cabin and we were a bit shaken but what to do except try to sleep and so that is what we did. The wine may have helped!

When we woke up the next morning it was about ten o’clock so we rushed to get breakfast. When we got to the restaurant it was almost empty. I asked the lady on the checkout what time we were docking. Oh she said we’ll be in around two o’clock. That’s great I said so we’ll  only be an hour or so late. In her broad Irish scent she replied « That would be two o’clock tomorrow dear! The storm was so bad we had to turn back and have just now left the harbor »

Blessing # 324 – Staying Afloat

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