BOOM – Blunders

Yesterday was one of those days when a few mistakes were made. Nothing irretrievable just embarrassing.

First while doing the Banter the publish button accidentally  encountered a trigger happy finger so something half baked escaped.

It took twice as long to pull it back in as it did to write it. Don’t know why this upsets me but it does. Who cares except me?

Next up it was the anniversary of the day Aaron came home to us. Sixteen years ago on April 30, 2003 we picked up a little munchkin. He’s grown a bit since then.

So thinking it would be a good idea to recognize this auspicious occasion a pic of him looking extra handsome was selected. A little message was written on it saying Sixteen Years Ago Aaron Came Home.

It was posted on Instagram so he’d see it as he doesn’t do Facebook. Unbeknownst to me the first line of the message got cropped out and it read Aaron Came Home.

Of course I didn’t realize this! Why does Instagram do this? Anyway it gave rise to several queries and no doubt some worries as to where he had been!

Red faced without blusher, once again corrections had to be made.

Final mistake of the day since they always run in threes was to have a run in with the menfolk.

As we were watching the hockey, nature called so I slipped out of the room for a minute. No sooner was I out than I could hear shouting.

What the heck are these guys arguing about now. Seriously you cannot leave them alone even for a pee! So of course rather than ignoring it as I should I laid into them both when I got back. I have to put up with you two nutcases, it is like living with two six year olds, no other woman in the world could stand this nonsense, are you ever going to stop etc etc!!!!!

All three of us then set huffing for the rest of the game. Only good thing about the evening was that our Bluejackets won!

So this morning feeling bad about my rant I talk to Aaron about the argument and he tells me he may have been a little salty with Dad who was only asking about the rules of hockey. Oops!

Blessing #325 – Correction

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