BOOM – Bluebells

3B87BE5F-A918-4E6B-A566-7080E121C7F6We live off a state road that is considered one of Ohio’s Byways. On one side of the road is the scenic Olentangy River. On the other side many huge trees, fields and farms are interspersed with modern housing subdivisions.

Along the entire length of this stretch of road wild flowers grow. Yesterday I got a lovely surprise a patch of bluebells. Someone must have planted these because they are not native to the USA. They reminded me of spring in Ireland where bluebells bloom in profusion.

This morning Rev Mervyn Jamison the rector of our Church in Ireland posted some beautiful photos of bluebells in bloom at the rectory wood.


These two events brought back memories of school days when I took the bus home each day. We passed by the Minnow Burn (River) where there was a wood on a steep slope that at this time of year was completely blue.

This would have been exam season when lots of revision was done and cramming to get ready for tests. Even after all these years when I saw those bluebells yesterday exams came to mind along of course with other memories of warm days and long evenings and of course that wonderful smell of spring in all its glory.

Blessing # 326 – Colors of Home

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