BOOM – Barbour

Another day another deluge. Thankfully once again we are escaping the worst.

Streams are becoming rivers and the rivers are rising fast.

Krishna made the comment as we were driving into town this morning that it felt like the monsoon in India.

We had to go really slowly as the windscreen wipers couldn’t cope at some points.

The one thing though about rain when it’s warm is that it is refreshing. So much better than rain with cold. Provided you have a good waterproof coat you can even enjoy it.

My trusty Barbour came in handy today. I have a fondness for this old relic that is beyond measure. Krishna bought it for me thirty three years ago just before we got married. At the time it seemed expensive but it cannot be beaten.

It’s made of waxed cotton and has a unique smell but man it can turn the rain.

It spent most of its life in Ireland. First in the back hall of my parents home and later in our own place. It was always the go too garment any time there was rain. So it got plenty of use.

In winter a nice big sweater can be worn underneath it to keep warm and in the summer it’s loose and light. Best of all it has super deep pockets so no need for a purse when you wear it.

When we sold the house last year there were very few items of clothing that were kept. My Mums wedding dress, my Dads cap, my baby clothes, school uniform and the Barbour!

Today it might be classified as vintage. A better term is timeless. In any case it has been faithful to its promise for all our married life and hopefully will stick with me for many years to come.

Blessing # 327– Reliable Old Friend

2 Replies to “BOOM – Barbour”

  1. Gillian,
    You can’t beat a Barbour.
    I have had several coats and caps over the years , they last
    You are lucky , the one I had
    33 years ago wouldn’t fit me
    I am twice the man I was then.😊


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