BOOM – Booth or Box


Maybe you can give me your thoughts on today’s dilemma.

The antique mall where I hope to sell my rescued treasures contacted me to say they have either a very large booth available or half a glass box.

Now the booth is of course much more expensive than the box. Roughly five time more.

Today I was at my friend Laura’s and she thought it may be a wise to start small and see how things go.

Of course there is no way that a chair or bench will fit unless it is dolls furniture which is what the person renting the other half of the glass box is selling.

The lady in charge of the store was very kind and understanding and reassured me that as soon as a smaller booth opens up then I could switch.

Lots of my little loves would fit well in the glass box but it might take more imagination to see how they’d look in a home if they weren’t on a table or cabinet.

So what do you think? Big Booth or Half Box or wait patiently for the standard booth?

Blessing # 328 – Multiple Choice

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