BOOM – Birth!

Oh so very happy for Prince Harry and his beautiful Princess Meghan. Those of us who were on the planet in September 1997 cannot fail to remember that little twelve year old as he took that very long last walk with his beautiful Mum.

Now he has his own Princess and they have their own little baby Prince to take care of and what a special baby this is.

The first biracial baby in the British Royal family and the first eligible to one day be President of the United States should he choose.

As we heard this news we were sorting through the treasures accumulated over the past months. It was indeed laborious getting all the items sorted out. The news on the baby helped. You gotta get things in perspective!

Starting at nine and ending at seven it took a little more time than anticipated but the result was satisfying.

All we need to do now is watch and see how this baby grows up!

Blessing # 330 – New Life


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