BOOM – Buy Big!


A feeble fifth of what has been purchased over the past months was packed into the car today and taken to the shop for sale.

Felt a little guilt about this step. It’s a bit like the little piggy who went to market. How do you choose which goes first?

With Mothers Day this Sunday the selection was made on the basis of what might appeal to Mums. Since I didn’t have access to a focus group, and the friends I did ask didn’t answer me, more precisely this means what appeals to one Mum, me!

Krishna ever patient and helpful came along and helped set up. He deserves a medal. Must look out for one for him!

In spite of my pledge not to overload it the little glass case is now packed to the gills. Some pieces were too tall to squeeze in so they got pride of place on top.

It will be tempting to keep visiting to see if anything is moving but must resist. Have to learn that understanding the market takes time and when you have hundreds of people doing the same thing competition is stiff.

Better instead to feel content that this step has been taken and to prepare for the next major opportunity Fathers Day.

This is tough as all we ever buy poor Krishna is a book, whiskey or aftershave. Anyone with ideas on what Dads might like  will be richly rewarded!

Blessing #331 – Bucket List Tick

P.S. the Pink Lightbulb is NOT Mine

4 Replies to “BOOM – Buy Big!”

  1. It’s always tricky to buy something for Philippe, he got belt, or a shirt very often. Since a while he ask to give him a fabulous time together, could be camping, fishing or watching a movie.

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