BOOM – Bidding


A few weeks ago at our Tuesday Morning Group we were talking about taking risk and « stepping out of the safety of our own boats »

Krishna and I are not adverse to adventure having moved around a lot but there has never been much risk associated with this as we were always well protected and taken care of by our employer.

Today we placed a bid on a little house in an area of Columbus that is the focus of revival. The area was a fine place in the 1920s but went through a very rough patch more recently. It has had a bad reputation but is progressively improving and the mayor is committed to turning it around.

Another item on my bucket list is to do a house flip. You may recall a few months ago we’d hoped to flip that big old Victorian house into a guest house. Well that was ambitious and fortunately perhaps fell through.

Just like starting small with the glass cabinet store what better place to start than with a cute cottage. There is only so much roof and only so many windows in need of change!

Best offers are due in by the end of today so we took the risk of going in a bit below asking price and we’ll know by Friday if we are successful.

As the house needs just about everything you can imagine done to it this will be a good testing ground for tradesmen.

With school holidays approaching I’ve an idea where they might find a strong young laborer to help and a slightly more mature apprentice painter too!

Blesssing # 332 – Stepping Out

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