BOOM – Bookkeeper


Krishna is a very patient person and also a perfectionist. We are in many ways polar extremes.

A good example of this is when we are out shopping. He will examine details like sell by dates or the quality of each piece of produce whereas I’ll just grab and go.

At times this results in my being less than gracious. If I’m in a rush I can snap at Krishna to hurry up!

Patience though is really valuable when it comes to cooking and for sure this is why he has a reputation as a great chef.  He takes the time to get the balance just right. Looking forward to my smoothie lunch that he’s blending right now. Made with his homemade yogurt, ripe mangos and bananas.


Patience is also critical in keeping books in any business.  So while I was out yesterday he got to work preparing the inventory of all the little items we put up for sale.


Had I done this it would have been a very rough and ready scribble but what he has done is quite  beautiful. It is almost a work of art. Priceless!

Blessing # 333 – Best Supporter

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