BOOM – Barkers Birthday


Our Dibley is celebrating his 11th birthday today. He has brought great joy to our lives and Aaron can hardly remember a time when he wasn’t around.


When he came home to us he was literally a furball and we stood on him so many times it’s a wonder he walks at all.

He chewed up many things from carpets to curtains. Once he even ate my friend Laura’s new pyjamas while she was wearing them. Now that he has matured he limits himself to shredding socks and taking BIG BALL for a walk.


What a well traveled furball he is. Born in France he rode in the car to Switzerland when he was just three months old.

He has also been on the channel tunnel train to England, seen Big Ben, crossed by boat from Scotland to Ireland and flown across the Atlantic in a jumbo jet all before he turned three.

Since then he has taken vacations in  eighteen different states and was even once mistaken for the famous Bo Obama while strolling down the Mall in Washington DC.

A pampered pooch is an understatement! He is quite naughty and demanding when it comes to table manners and barking to get his treats.

He is currently something of a medical  challenge too with his Cushing Syndrome. His doctor is working to stabilize that and he even got a birthday card from his animal clinic this morning.


We love him so much and are very grateful that he has been such an important part of our lives for all these years. May he have many more happy returns.

Blessing #334 – Fourpawed Family

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