BOOM – Breakaway


Today inside the prison where I volunteer a speaker talked about anger.

Its something that touches all of us at some time. Some have short fuses other simmer and then explode. The older I get the shorter my fuse has become.

We talked today about what you can do to help manage anger. The resounding consensus was that if you can you take some time out.

This made me think of one of my favorite confectionery products a chocolate coated biscuit called a Breakaway. We don’t have them here in the USA but in the UK they are a regular feature of the lunch box.

We all ate them at school and it was so relaxing and comforting to nibble off the chocolate all round the biscuit before biting into it. Truly a great stress relief.

This time out gives a moment of relaxation and a time to pause and think.

In dorms filled with hundreds of women a little break away alone is a luxury that’s difficult to find.

Maybe something that we who can should appreciate, practice and relish a little more.

Blessing # 335 – Time Alone

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