BOOM – Breeding Butterflies


Ohio can be prone to late frost so the rule is don’t plant annuals till Mother’s Day comes. Well the big day is here and I’m raring to go but it’s very nippy still.

My Mum was a great lover of marigolds. Each spring, in between the bushes, she’d fill the whole front garden with them that looked like a carpet in summer.

Maybe because of this overdose of orange from back then I’ve never been a great fan of marigolds until recently when I discovered that they are one of the few plants the deer don’t devour.


They also ward off other critters that might be known to nibble too. So this summer we’re going with the giant variety and will combine the marigold minefield with other deer detractors such as the pungent smelling salvia. Last year I had some success with mint as a deterrent and its back in profusion already. This is going to be a mighty fortress!


Benefits are not limited though to keeping the bucks back! Both marigolds and salvia should bring on the butterflies. To be sure we have plenty of flying colors a few coreopsis are going in too.


Now all there is to do is wait for the warmth to return and get digging.


For today though a snuggle with the furball is on the cards while Dad does dinner.

Blessing # 335 – Itchy Fingers

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