BOOM- Bright


It costs nothing to check the weather forecast or to carry a raincoat in a car. So wouldn’t you think we’d have the sense to do that. Oh NO!

My friend Laura had come to stay with her daughter Laurel and we were all going to see Laurel play in the semi finals of the state women’s rugby championships.

We all headed off dressed in shorts and short sleeve tops for the very hot weather we had yesterday afternoon. I went one step further than the rest and wore shorts over my swimsuit!

No sooner had we arrived at the stadium and dropped Laurel with her teammates than a storm rolled in. The temperature fell by at least 20F and we were feeling wet and miserable.

Laura and I headed back to the car to warm up for ten minutes and pick up umbrellas. The only protection we had though that could serve as clothing was two baseball caps, a pair of gloves, two shopping bags and a security vest.

Not being prone to embarrassment   I put on the security vest and matching orange shopping bag which perfectly match my gloves and umbrella. Laura chose the IKEA shopping bag. Aaron and his girlfriend took an umbrella and the baseball hats and moved to a far away seat.

We figured if they happened to need an umpire maybe I get a job!

Blessing # 349 – Tears of Laughter

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