BOOM – Braves


On this Memorial Day a big shout out to all those who sacrifice so much for our safety.

The thanks we owe the forces who go to foreign shores and those locally who leave their homes each day to work for us in the police, fire and first response services is beyond measure.

The families of these brave souls also deserve such respect and gratitude as they worry each day about their loved ones.

For those, like me, who have never had any desire to sign up and who have little personal experience of what it means to serve in these ways we can only imagine and empathize with those who do.

Years ago in Northern Ireland I lost a childhood playmate who was a Policeman to a terrorist explosion. We had been out of touch for years but hearing his name announced on the radio that day was such a shock. What must his poor family have felt.

More recently it was an honor to know a young man who decided soon after graduating high school that he was going to sign up as a Marine.

Both his parents were my colleagues and also very good friends. The concern they had on his deployment to many war regions of the world over the four years he served was palpable so too was the joy on their faces on his return. Thank God he made it back home for good.

Blessing # 350 – Best of the Best!


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