BOOM – Birthplace


Around midnight the weather app alarm on my phone woke us up. As soon as we were in the land of the living we realized there was a great storm happening and almost immediately thereafter the tornado sirens sounded.

Aaron was already in the basement as he hibernates there when there is no school. So he was safe.

Dibley was silent as a mouse in his crate most likely petrified. We knew if we got him out he’d have to have a pee and we couldn’t take him outside.

So we started to watch TV on the iPhone to see the track of the storm. After ten minutes or so the tornado warning for our county was lifted. By this time We were wide awake and hooked on what was happening elsewhere in the state so kept watching.

Something really unusual happened about thirty minutes later. The sirens went off again. Another tornado? Again we decide to watch and wait. This too passed and we were fine but many others were not.


The city of Dayton, birthplace of aviation, that is about one and a half hours drive away was hit very hard. One person has died and five million people were without power. Homes and schools, shops and gas stations are devastated.

Such was the havoc on the interstate that the snow ploughs had to be brought in to sweep it away.

This morning we realize that one tornado after another was pounding the state including an EF3. It is a miracle of modern technology that all but one person escaped the wrath of the storm thanks to the early warning systems.

The wildlife also seem to have been impacted by the storm. Dibley and I had a big surprise as we went out for our constitutional today.

One of the deer who treat our yard as their ice-cream parlor had decided that we could also serve as the maternity unit.

She had given birth right in the middle of the grass in our back yard. Dibley and I almost fell as we tripped over the fawn but it was in great shape and took off into the bushes before we could get it’s pic. All we can offer is the Hay Where It Lay


Thankful for its health and beauty we decided since Mom or a close relative had trampled down the sedum we might as well pluck it and take it as a birthday treat for the sweet baby. Hope they’ll enjoy and come pose for a photo soon!

Blessing # 351 – Safe Delivery


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