BOOM – Ballads


Do you ever hear a tune and instantly love it?

There is no explanation for this but it happens now and then. There is a familiarity with it. It’s sincere and not contrived. Maybe it reminds you of another tune maybe it’s just easy to sing along to. Maybe the lyrics strike a chord that play a little bit on your heart strings.

Thanks to Pop Pilates class there is a new favorite on my list. It’s our cool down song and it’s called It’s Worth It Every Drop of Rain.

It’s by two Scandinavian musicians Matin Carlsberg Feat and Jonathan Jarneek whom I’d  never heard. Seems it was written a few years ago but thought that since it was new to me and made me so happy it had to be shared with you too.

If this link doesn’t work you can google it.

The repeating chorus is so sweet and so true and so summery


Whats your favorite recent find or  your all time number one summer song?

Blessing # 352 – A New Song




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