BOOM- Banging!


Can’t remember if you know that as of June 1 we are graduating from the glass cabinet at the antique mall to a half booth.

Today it was all hands on deck to get ready. Aaron and his girlfriend got into the painting while Dad cleaned recent purchases and took inventory.

My task was once again the dreaded bench.

This time there was no time for mistakes. It worked! The effect is a bit seafaring and both Aaron and I can sit in it so it can take a fair weight!


It was a very noisy business though putting in sixty or seventy big tacks so the whole afternoon there was major auditory disturbance across the area! I’m a bit shaky too. Talk about knock knock knocking on heavens door!

It went on so long one of our neighbors came over and asked what all the banging was. Fortunately he was joking I think.

We are good to go tomorrow for set up. There has been absolutely zero sales from the glass cabinet so the empire is off to a slow start.

Not to worry though we are now taking on the second frontier. As my Mom often said Rome wasn’t built in a day!  Just consider all that banging the drum roll for something to shout about.

Blessing # 353 -Third Time A  Charm



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