BOOM- Broken Bits

We needed two cars to get all the goods to the store. Aaron was very helpful in squeezing as much as possible into each vehicle. Must have been all those Star Wars legos he did as a kid that makes him such a good fitter.

We set off just after lunch and lucked out finding two 2Hour parking spots just outside the store. By this stage it was steamy hot so we were glad we didn’t need to walk too far.

We emptied the goods onto the street and raised a few eyebrows. the last thing to come out was the first thing that went in La Piece  De Resistance the dreaded bench.

It stuck! By now my nerves were a little fried and I couldn’t imagine why I ever touched that piece of firewood in the first place. Dad and Son almost came to blows over how to extract the beast. Yet more eyebrows were raised. Finally Dad was victorious on how it had to be manipulated and Aaron got it out.

We then began the relay of moving everything inside and two little calamities occurred. Aaron set a large garden statue down a little too abruptly and broke off the base. He was full of remotes and has agreed to dig a big hole so we can stick it in our own yard.

Not to be outdone Dad dripped one of my prized retro Japanese salt and pepper sets and took the head off one Mr Pepper. So we will need to reattach him and keep him as a treasure at home with his Mrs Salt.

Yet another of Mother’s classics comes to mind; There Were Bigger Losses at Waterloo!

We got down to work arranging and it was only close to five o’clock that it struck me that I was parked in that two hour spot!

Yikes a ticket could erode my entire annual profit. Good omen though we lucked out again the ticket passed us by!

Blessing # 353 – Superglue & Spade

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