BOOM- Body Butters


Some people are extremely loyal to a particular brand others will test and try most anything.

My Mom was very dedicated to her favorites yet this didn’t rub off on me so much. Something has to really “work” for me to seek it out and buy it a second time. It happens but it’s rare!

When it came to skincare my Mom  swore by Oil of Olay. It was her only beauty routine and an obvious gift for birthday, Christmas and Mother’s Day. Maybe back in the day there was less to choose from but for fifty years the pink potion was all she wanted.


Today in most stores if we want a moisturizer or sun screen we are faced with a wall of choice. What drives our decision and how brands differentiate is the subject of intensive research.

This is what makes me an ideal Aldi shopper. If you want a sunscreen they offer one or two. Same with face creams or body lotions. You have the choice of  their totally acceptable private label. You take it or leave it.

Luxury items like body butter don’t even figure in their inventory unless perhaps as a special that’s in and out in a jiffy.


That’s when you rely on hints to hubby that maybe Santa might bring you a little. If your lucky, like me, he’ll then bring you Body Butter in every image shape and form. Nothing else just the Body Butter so  you’ll have a bucket load that will do you for the rest of your days!

Blessing # 362 – Loves & Limitations


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