BOOM – Bethel


Aaron has been studying world religions at school so it was with great pleasure that we accepted an invitation from our dear friends to join them at their Synagogue yesterday for a very special Sabbat.

We learned a lot including a little Hebrew finding that Beth means home and Bethel is God’s House. This house had wide open door last evening.


The Rabbi and the leader of a local Muslim community had been very active in building cross community understanding. The Muslim congregation like us joined in the worship and also offered a delicious dinner to everyone.


This is the holy month of Ramadan so no food could be eaten before sundown. The service was really interesting with messages from both teachers on the significance of fasting and commonality across the doctrines.

The experience once again reinforced that we all have one fundamental belief and that is that we must love and do good to all people.

How tragic then that while we were celebrating together these common principles of common good that yet another mass shooting had taken place in this country.

It is with steps such as those taken by these wonderful men and women in these two communities last evening that such tragedy will eventually come to an end.

Blessing # 354 – Inclusion

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